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Charlie Packard

Charlie has been involved in buying and selling and investing in real estate for most of his adult life while making his living as a financial advisor.    He became disillusioned about talking to people about managing their money — feeling more like a proverbial multi - tier marketing salesman — so he decided to transition to a career in real estate.  Realizing that real estate is perhaps your biggest asset, he wanted to spend more time focusing on this side of investment.

Charlie has always had a passion for real estate and has made (and lost) millions while buying and selling real estate.   His approach to helping his clients is in part from the school of hard knocks approach.

Prior to joining Banker Real Estate, Charlie was investment advisor and a managing partner in a hedge fund.  Charlie also worked in the Pharmaceutical Biotech world for 15 years and was a regional director.

Charlie has lived on St. Simons for more than 40 years of his life and attended both Georgia Tech (physics major) and Georgia (Pre-Med) and graduated with a BS in Biology.  His wife Laura is a freelance writer and was voted South Carolina’s Columnist of the year by the Press Association.  She is a poet and currently writes for Elegant Island Living and Low Country Weekly.  They have 2 daughters, Margot (16) and Livi (18). They have 4 rescue dogs — Jules, Atlas, L.C. and Chef, a cat — Fatty and two fancy rats.  Charlie is an avid golfer and fisherman.

He and his family are very active in the local community and have a passion for the great outdoors. They are very blessed to call this wonderful place home.

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Charlie Packard