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June 5th- “Island Voyagers Camp”

Dance to the music of “Moana” & prepare for a spectacular performance at 10:45am. We will also make crafts!

June 12th-“Peppa Adventures Camp”

Spend the morning with Peppa Pig! Dancers will make crafts, read stories, and perform what they have learned at 10:45am.

June 19th-“Broadway Babes Camp”

Dance to the beloved music of the Broadway Musical “Annie”!

Dancers are encouraged to come dressed as little orphan Annie and perform a spectacular dance at 10:45am!

June 26th-“Mickey & Friends Camp”

Join Mickey and all of his friends at the clubhouse for a morning full of dance, games, and crafts. Dancers will perform at 10:45.

Extravaganza Dance Camps at Jill Stanford

When: June 5-26 • Tuesdays from 9-11:30am

Where: 235 Business Center Drive, SSI, GA 31522 • (912) 264-8810

Who: Ages 4-7

Camp Rates:

1 Camp-$55.00

2 Camps-$95.00

3 Camps-$145.00

4 Camps- $180.00